Welcome to the best source of everything you’ll need for the enhancement, management and maintenance of your lake or pond. We carry the finest line of products to improve the appearance and quality of any body of water. The equipment we sell, install and service has been carefully chosen based upon function, durability and value to our customers and our staff uses the pond maintenance supplies we carry every week in our lake and pond management business. Everything we sell works and is the most cost effective product available. We stock a full line of EPA approved algaecides and herbicides to control the growth of aquatic vegetation, pondweeds and algae as well as eco-friendly pond dyes, beneficial bacteria, and aquatic tools for a chemical free approach to lake and pond management. In addition to pond maintenance products, we also provide a variety of services to solve a problem or improve the functionality or aesthetics of any lake or pond.  If you’re interested in building a new pond, improving an old one or are having problems with the management or maintenance of your lake or pond, give us a call. We can help.

Pond Aerator
 Pond Fountains
Floating Docks
Fish Feeders & Habitat
Aquatic Weed Control
Weed & Algae Control
Mosquito Control
Erosion Control
Lake and Pond Dye
Bacteria Control
Evaporation Control
For the lake
Pond building and design
Sealing & Lining
Sediment Removal
Fish Stocking


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